Fine Line Painting Pen

Line work has never been easier! The Loew-Cornell® Fine Line Painting Pen is an all-metal tool featuring an adjustable head that allows you to position it in the way you feel most comfortable. After filling the reservoir with thinned paint or ink, simply write or draw as you would with any pen. Your line work will be a consistent .5mm width. After use, rinse out the pen with water or brush cleaner and clear the tip with the cleaning tool included with your pen.

Tips for using the Fine Line Painting Pen

  • Use a liner brush to pick up thinned paint and fill the reservoir of the pen by brushing it against the edge of the cup.
  • Hold the pen so that the tip is in full contact with the surface.
  • Go slowly enough so that the paint has time to flow through the tip. Moving too fast will result in skips in your work.
  • A ruler or other straight edge can be used to make straight lines.
  • Lettering Hint: Creative lettering is easy using computer printouts as a pattern. Lettering can then be filled or outlined using the fine line painting pen.
  • When changing colors, work on a practice surface to purge any color or cleaner that may remain in the pen.
  • To start paint flow, clear the tip with the cleaning tool or blot on a damp paper towel.
  • During your paint session, keep loaded pen tip covered with damp paper towel to prevent drying.
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