Place Card Easel

  • Skill: Beginner
  • Time to Complete: 15 minutes each + glue dry time

Needed Materials, Tools, and Surfaces

  • 4 - SIMPLY ART® Craft Sticks (per easel)
  • Ribbon
  • Name or Business card
  • Ruler
  • Glue

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Glue two craft sticks together in an upside down “V” shape, leaving the bottom opening approximately 3 ½" wide.
  2. When those two sticks are dry, place a third craft stick on its side, across the opening 1” from the bottom.
  3. Glue one end of a ½" piece of ribbon to the back side of the top and the other end of a 4th craft stick to create the standing easel.
  4. To keep the easel from opening too far, wrap and glue one end of a 2" piece of ribbon around the center of the cross piece, and adhere the other end to the inside of the craft stick used as the back brace.
  5. Place your name card across the cross piece for a perfectly entertaining look!
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