Wooden Bracelets

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Fill a large mason jar with hot tap water
  2. Add a number of craft sticks to the hot water and let soak for 30 minutes or until the wood becomes soft
  3. Check the craft sticks for softness by attempting to bend the stick. If the stick does not bend easily, place it back in the hot water and let it continue to soak
  4. Once the craft sticks are supple, remove them from the water one at a time while you are working with them
  5. Starting from the center of a craft stick, bend the stick slowly into a curve shape
  6. Place the bent stick into a second, empty mason jar where it can mimic the curve of the jar
  7. Leave your bent sticks in the second to dry overnight
  8. The next day, apply decorations to your dried craft stick bracelets using washi tape, paint or sparkles
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