Stenciling is a great way to decorate walls, floors, furniture, clothing and fashion and home accessories. Precut stencils are available in a wide selection of sizes and design motifs to suit every personality.
General Stenciling Tips:
– Mask off adjoining areas that will be a different color.
– Use paint appropriate to your surface.
– Secure your stencil using stencil adhesive, painter’s tape or another low tack adhesive.
– Use a brush approximately half the width of the widest part of the stencil opening.
– Preplan your design on the surface. For room borders, it is often best to start in the least noticeable corner. Use a ruler and guidelines to assure your design is level, centered, etc.
To Stencil:
– Start around the outside edge of the opening. While a variety of shading techniques are possible, in general you will create a pleasing effect by keeping the center lighter than the outside edges.
– Use a separate brush/sponge for each color.
– Brushes: Start with a dry brush, load just the tips with paint. Distribute the paint evenly and remove excess by gently scrubbing in a circular motion on your palette. An alternate technique is to use a gentle pouncing motion, stippling paint into the area.
– Sponges: Start with the sponge dry. Dip one side (section) in paint and pounce off excess. Use a pouncing motion to distribute paint through the stencil opening.

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